Monday, January 29, 2007

Wicked/Webpage Update

I know... It's been a long time. I haven't done a news update for Planet Gemini in a while. (on here at least) To be honest I found myself caught up in the myspace blogging trend. It's just so much easier than html. Literally it takes one minute for me to put up a blogg post.. and about 15 minutes to put up a regular news post. So.... I'm trying Blogging services for the news now. We'll see how that works. It's always a work in progress with me anyway. But enough technical babble... Onto the news!

It's about time I get off my ass and do a new webpage design and as usual with a new album comes a new design. I've been hanging on the old one for far too long. So here it is. I hope that it is convenient and user friendly for you. I'm adding some streaming audio and I'm thinking about bringing back the "Album of the Month" download feature. We'll see how this one goes. I really did like the last 3 or 4 designs I had for the webpage. This one is my favorite (and not just because my mugg is on the front page..)

Well as of right now WICKED is written and being polished up. To say the album is heavy would be an understatement. I would go so far as to say that this is the DOOMIEST Planet Gemini album to date. Please feel free to go to my myspace page and check out a couple of tracks from the album. It's actually quite a bit slower than I am used to with my music which is weird because I have never been fan of the slow stuff... but this album was written from a very very dark place. I feel that upon listening to the full album you'll totally understand where I am coming from.

Tracklisting (thus far)
  1. Nightmare Overture in B_Minor
  2. Minus
  3. Silver Strinigs
  4. Lightmare
  5. Author of Pain
  6. The Beast on Your Back
  7. Whisper
  8. (Untitled)
  9. The Deadly Sleep

The albums legth is at 55 minutes. I don't really know if I feel like adding another instrumental piece to this album as I do enjoy the flow of it right now as is.. We'll see I suppose.

I just want to take the time to thank everyone who visits the webpage and a HUGE thanks goes out to all of you who write me and give me all of your fantastic words of encouragement. You are all amazing!

Thank you!