Monday, August 16, 2010

The next album... Fall 2010 (hopefully)

It's been a while. You know I've been busy as hell when I go 8 months without posting a blog on here. But, I'll try to beef this one up to make up for lost time.

Last we spoke I believe I was reminiscing on 2009/Cauldron of Fuzz:SiX and probably spouting out about how the next album isn't very far away. Well, fact of the matter is... I wasn't lying. The album was almost done. But, running a studio is kind of a pain in the ass because when I get a band in here for a long period of time I find that going back to a project is very difficult. I'll find my whole direction has changed. My sound is different and the songs just aren't fitting together as an album.

Fact is this new album has changed names, styles, production.. about 4 times already. Here is where I am at now...

The album has been called "WarCry" for a while now. I have a batch of songs that I wrote for the WarCry project. Here is a quick tracklist of what has been recorded.

A Bargin with the Shadows
The War Machine
Gemini Killer

now, from there I took a "break" to record another band. When I came back I wrote a whole new batch of songs.

The Myth/End of Daze
Angel of Light
Devil's Cauldron
Idle Hands

Now, THESE songs aren't really fitting well with the other songs. I like the direction of the new tracks a lot. I'm not going to call this WarCry though I don't think because they are very different. I wouldn't mind redoing a couple of tracks and just calling this an album.

Fallen Angel
Man Who Burnt the Sun
Hole in Heaven

and maybe 1 or 2 more new tracks and I think that could be a fantastic new album.
The album would probably be around the 45 minute mark at that point and I really like that idea. One thing that I have been noticing lately is that long albums have been boring me. Doing something that would fall in under the 50 minute mark would be nice...

This leaves us with the question: Will there be a Cauldron of Fuzz this year? I don't really know. See Cauldron of Fuzz is strange because it really is a sudden urge that comes over me around September right now I am so busy recording and doing drum stuff for other bands that I am just not sure if that urge is going to hit me. We'll see as I have been in talks with a friend of mine about coming down and maybe trying a collaboration for this years COF. Details are still unclear but we'll see. If the Gemini album isn't done by mid Sept I might have to put COF on hold this year and start doing alternate years for COF albums.

I am also working with my friend (and old bass player for Planet Gemini) on his project which is called "Red Earth". In this project I am playing drums and singing and the other duties are really up for grabs. Most songs he plays guitar on. But, sometimes I'll play guitar... sometimes he'll play bass.. sometimes he'll play both..etc. All of songs, music, lyrics and melodies are Joshs and not mine. It is a very fun way to make music with my best friend again. So, I will definitely keep you all posted on Red Earth's status and let you check out a song or two when we mix and master (We are about 3 songs away from finishing that album). fans of older Planet Gemini should enjoy it and you'll definitely hear the influence Josh had in PG once you hear this stuff. Josh and I are very similar when it comes to writing. As musicians we are completely on the opposite side of the spectrum. Josh just likes to feel it out... while I really like to study music and theory and whatnot. Two worlds colliding so to speak. It really is the reason why Josh and I had a hard time toward the end of PG. but, hopefully this is better for everyone involved. I let Josh do his thing and in turn I get to make music with my best friend again... and in turn.. I get to keep making Planet Gemini music the way I see it. Everyone wins!

That's really about it right now. I hope that you are all well and that you enjoy the new material that will be coming your way this year.