Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Narrowing Process

So I'm pretty much finished with WICKED (Thank GOD!). It's just down to the narrowing process now. I have about 18 tracks that I could probably make work on the album but I want the album to be more of a 10 track experience. (maybe 11 or 12).

One thing I will say about WICKED is that the direction of the album has changed dramatically from it's original concept. I have played the album for a couple of close friends and both of them agreed that this is the doomiest Planet Gemini release to date. It's heavier than everything else I've ever done and actually has a more methodical pace.

Anyone who has spoken to me in the past knows that I am not particulary fond of a slow and boring album. Don't get me wrong some people do it well but for me… not so much.

I like my music a little more aggressive and mid tempo. With that being said this album has a lot of slower tracks. Songs like "Minus" and "Author of Pain" are more plodding than what I normally do. But, I think that it is a fair representation of where my head was at while recording and writing these tracks. Also you'll notice the vocals have changed slightly with the new material (a lot of people should be happy about that). In all honesty it wasn't a deliberate effort to change my range of singing on this album. It just kind of happened. I found that when I screamed and used the more "high raspy" vocals on some of these tracks it didn't work so well.

Now, please don't get me wrong. There are still some "classic" sounding Gemini tracks on here. More than enough to satisfy the fans of the more uptempo Gemini fans. But, the overall tone of the album is very "minor". Songs like "Preachin' to the Choir" and "Silver Strings" definitely cover the more upbeat stuff. There is a track called "Jigsaw" that is kind of "off_the_wall" (more like the "Buried Alive/Twist the Knife/Trippin'" Out! Syle track) and there is tracks like "Lightmare" and "Nightmare Overture in E Minor" that are made just for the vibe-factor.

This album is going to be extremely complete and will really cover a lot of ground as far as the spectrium of Planet Gemini's sound. There is even a track called "Whisper" that has a Rolling Stones feel to it. I was kind of in awe as that track was being written but when I went back and listened to it the next day I have to say that it almost reminded me of Black Sabbath's "Wheels of Confusion" mixed with a classic Stones track. (Go figure).

I know it sounds kind of lame but I really have redirected my life to create this album. I had to… Things were just not getting done and I was very "lost" creatively for a little while. I would write a song here and there that I ended up loving but then it sounded nothing like the last track that I recorded. For me the album needs to mesh together.. to be a complete experience. I really try hard not to put two tracks on the album that sound similar… however, while doing that I also try to keep in mind that this album needs to be on the same journey as the other tracks. So I'll probably be opening up with a little musical intro (Probably "Nightmare Overture in E Minor" then from there I will do something I have never done and open up the album with "Minus" which is a very pondering track. (You can listen to Minus on my myspace page). Silver Stings will follow, which basically is the traditional opener for me. Silver Stings is more heavy and aggressive from there I drop the album back down to Lightmare which is more trippy.. that's kind of the way I've always done things. I do NOT like when I hear an album that has two or three tracks all the same tempo all starting the same way.. just.. it shows lack of creativity to me.

Well, I guess that is it for now. I'm going to be spending 4 days or so in the studio this week and I think that I might be able to finish up the tracklisting and probably have the album completed in about 2-3 weeks. (if that)

From there it's mastering (which can take a while) and just making sure everything is as perfect as I need it to be. This album is very important to me.

I remember when I first held SuperGod[t]DevilMan in my hands. The final.. finished product. I was moved to tears. It was so perfect and all of my soul and passion for that album paid off. Wizards Blood was the same thing for me. I was a completely miserable person towards the end of Mixing and Mastering Wizards Blood. I was snapping at everyone. I was so pissed because… in the end I had to do everything. EVERYTHING.. from the webpage to the mixing to the mastering to overseeing Josh's bass parts and making sure everything was in the right key and where it was supposed to be. But man at the end of everything when I finally got to sit down and listen to the final version of Wizards Blood I was just overwhelmed at how great everything came out (Especially because of my lack of ability as a drummer).

On this album my drumming is much better. My guitar playing is LIGHTYEARS ahead of where it was during the Wizards Blood recording sessions and I think that the Bass fits the music a lot better. (Not a knock on Josh as much.. it's just that… I know what I want and I can pull off what I need to without a middle man to explain myself too)

Wicked is dark and ominous… I hope you all enjoy the demos that are up on myspace.. and I hope you all are looking forward to the album. This is going to be my best work to date… It's classic Planet Gemini but do NOT expect an experimental album from me. Not this one at least. The next album will have more daring moments on it. It's just important that I establish the Planet Gemini sound again as a one man project.

Thanks for reading this

"I must admit the pain's so blinding that you will not see. I will pretend your safe and smile at your disbelief" – Silver Strings