Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cauldron of Fuzz: Se7eN

Hello everyone, let me start by saying that I know it's been a while. But, with the birth of fall comes the talk of another Cauldron of Fuzz album. I skipped last year because I really wasn't feeling it and I hate to force material out there just for the sake of releasing it.

So, I guess this is me saying "I am pretty certain there will be a Cauldron of Fuzz this year". I have about 3 tracks that I am comfortable with releasing. I have to bring my bass in to get repaired (which may take a little bit) but, all in all I can finish the bass in the last week as long as the songs are written.

Right now I have

The Serpent in the Garden
30 Pieces of Silver (to Buy My Time)

I went through a fairly tough August and there is a lot of shit going on with me health wise that I am trying to deal with... so.. hopefully none of this "extra shit" will get in the way of me making a decent release for everyone. I'm looking for a 30 minute album (more or less) and I'm looking for something that will have a little bit of everything.

I might even return to doing a cover this year (SiX was the first COF that didn't have a cover on it) I was testing out different songs and did a jam of "Hole in the Sky" from Black Sabbath (Can be heard here) I don't know if I'll finish it because it is really predictable to do a Sabbath track. Even though it is one of my favorites and I think the demo/jam came out pretty decent.

Other than all of that I hope you ALL had a wonderful summer. I thank everyone who's written me about the 2 demo releases I did this year. I really enjoy them and I'm thrilled that you do as well.

I did get a question asking what happened to the "Red Earth" tracks that I stated would be on the release. For a quick (non-dramatic) answer the truth is that I just wasn't comfortable releasing something that had Josh on it in anyway. We haven't spoken in a while again and I personally think that our ups and downs have finally reached the bottom... and I'm not sure they'll be bouncing back up this time. He is a great guy, and a good friend and I wish him all the best in the world. I have nothing but love for the guy and hope he finds what he needs to be happy in life.

Back to what matters... the music.
I'll be going into "COF" mode which means tons of studio time and lots of buttons being pressed... lots of screaming being done... maybe some blood, sweat and definitely tears. But, hopefully at the end.. Se7eN will be up to SiX's standards. I really really enjoyed SiX for what it was... just this fun... short.. album that had a little bit of all different styles I play... If you enjoyed SiX you'll be in for a treat... if you didn't... might wanna wait for Lucifera.

Above all else.. enjoy the fall my friends.. and we'll all speak soon!