Monday, December 28, 2009

T.Y.I.G. 2009 and BEYOND!

It's been a somewhat slow but interesting year in the Gemini camp this year. I did a lot of work in my studio but, didn't really have a TON of time to move Planet Gemini as far forward as I would have liked to. I figured I would take the time to tell you all what happened in 2009 and what hopefully is going to happen in 2010.

*The great CRASH of 2009*
My computer at the studio died a horrible death in 2009. Losing pretty much all of the files I was working on for a project with a great doom icon. I have since not been able to recover or re-create these tracks to my liking so I don't want to go into much more detail. I lost a LOT though. Pretty much 6+ months of work spanning from Planet Gemini stuff to other projects I was working on. I even lost some data from other bands that were recording in my studio at the time. I was running a RAID configuration and even that couldn't save my beloved files. I'm chalking up those tracks to being "gone" into the ether and hopefully their presence will return to be at some random point and time.

The crash destroyed almost a whole CD that I was calling "The End of Everything" it was dark and meloncoly and I very much believe that… it was a sign that the material was not to be released. It also destroyed a lot of demo files I had for the previous years Cauldron of Fuzz (which was to be called 666).

Regardless it's done and overwith and I can't get the stuff back. All three of my HDD's were fried and completely screwed beyond all recognition.


*Cauldron of Fuzz: SiX released on Halloween*
2009 saw the release of COF:SiX. An album that was basically written and recorded within a week or so and done with a BROKEN WRIST none the less. I really love this album as it is very much a fun listen. I love "My Nightmare" and "To Conjur the Silver Sunset" (which is spelled wrong on purpose by the way… think about it). The standout track from the feedback I've gotten is the final track "No Rest for the Wicked" which is basically a track that kind of talks about the "Curse" that I felt was on the album "Wicked". Reviews on the album have been kind of mixed. But, one thing I've always been appreciative about is my audience's open mindedness. I don't really get a lot of the people saying "PG aren't TrU D00M" type bullshit.

There were some fun instrumentation on COFSiX. Including my first use of Piano on a PG album. I used some synth in places. I used Congas and shakers and a bunch of percussion instruments. All kind of buried in a poor mix that was done in one day. But, hopefully I will re-visit COFSiX and give it a better mix.

*Wicked [Collector's Edition] (((The Curse Has Been Lifted)))*
FINALLY Wicked was released to what I would consider HUGE fanfare. Mark from PsycheDOOMelic got in touch with me and asked if I would like to release Wicked on his label. He basically told me to do anything that I like with it. I was blown away at the great offer that really had no strings attached to it (for the first time in my music career). I had a mix left over from a 2008 deal I had to release Wicked (That fell through) and so I was ready to send it off. I sent it to a friend of mine (Hoss/Dave from DeathMask) and he basically said "It feels like it's missing something" so I took it into my studio and completely opened up the old files and remixed and remastered everything. I even reworked and cleaned up some bothersome parts that were bugging me. After about 3 weeks of 12 hour days working on Wicked I finally left with something I was truly happy with. I added two bonus songs onto the end and basically called it [the collector's edition] because I am never going to put that out on the webpage. That is only going to be for those who have been bugging me for something substantial to own from PG.


After a bunch of nightmares with the pressings and dealing with a ton of unexplainable shit (including 6 fucking masters getting rejected by the pressing company). Finally Wicked is done.. it sounds great.. and I am so pleased at all of the amazing reviews it is getting. Most of them being 9 out of 10's or 19 out of 20's. I've got one 4 and a half stars and.. just.. tons of praise that really makes my black heart feel good. So for everyone out there who takes the time to write something up… thank you so much. (Even if you said I sound like the dude from sHEAVY… hehe). I truly appreciate everything you guys do for Planet Gemini and this style of music in general.


13th year of Planet Gemini's existence. My eyes get all teary and wishy washy at the mere thought that it's been so long. 2010 will yield another PG album. But, probably no Cauldron of Fuzz this year….

I've been working on some new material for a couple of weeks but, I'm waiting for some new mics and some new studio equipment to come in. Expect this to be a little more "symphony-like" than previous Planet Gemini albums. The tentative name of the album is "The Devil's Workshop". I'm hoping for the album to be done in the spring and to be pressed by summer (hopefully by PyshceDOOMelic's label again as Mark and I have already talked about it). The album will be very dark and sinister but it might tread into some different territories. With all of this new equipment I've been buying it will no doubt be the best sounding PG project to date. I don't really have much more information for you guys at the moment but, it should be interesting.

*Comp songs!*
I've got two comps that I'll be doing songs for. My friends in the Doom Metal Alliance asked me to do a track for them a while back and I still haven't gotten off my ass to do that. But I will. I also have another magazine that asked me to do something for them so I'll be busting those out early 2010 hopefully. I love doing comps it really is a great way for new people to find my band.

I'm not thinking that the album will be done this year. I'd like to work on this with a close friend of mine and he is not in my general vicinity at the moment. But, I have faith that we can make something work and release something fun. If it's not this year it will be in 2011. We've been talking about working something out for a while. He has an album to do of his own and I'm going to be focusing on the Workshop so…. This year looks unlikely.

I mean, that's really about it. Another year down and more steps forward for PG. Thank you all so much for this year. Thank you all for all of the kind words you've said on forums or posting youtube videos… or.. whatever. For all of you who have sent me e-mails I cherish them all I really do. I've had people call me everything from a "Musical Genius" to a "Pompous Asshole" this year and frankly I think they both had some facets of the truth involved in them. I can't even begin to tell you all how much your support means to me. I know it seems like I disappear for a while but, it's just because I work so hard at getting better. Getting better on my drumming for these albums. Getting better at production for these albums.. Planet Gemini is really my life-force. There is very little I do that is NOT involved in learning and getting better for this. My music may not always be the most technical but… my music is soaked in passion. I bleed this stuff and will continue to do so until my dying day.

The fact that you all listen to it… gives my life validity and never forget that. You are just as much a part of this as I am. I've had so many e-mails this year from people telling me their stories. Maybe they were going through a hard time or had a bad situation. Some told me about how my music got them out of a "funk" that they were in. Or how sometimes my aggressive lyrics hit a nerve because of a situation that they were struggling through… E-mails like this ring in my head daily. Whenever I feel like I'm working too hard or some people don't understand me. You guys are always there… and as much as you say my music helps you.. Your e-mails help me. So… enough mushy stuff for now.

Onto 2010… onto more power, more strength and more HOPE… hope for a better future, a better world.. filled with better people.. onto a whole new world of shine.

I thank you all, I love you all
You'll hear from me again SOON!
Till I see you again

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wicked [Collector's Edition] release

Kay, so here's the deal. I just got my final pressings of Wicked [Collector's Edition] and I'm in the process of ordering some envelopes and updating the webpage.

Here is the thing... PLEASE READ!!!

I will only be signing and selling 50 COPIES of Wicked... that's it. That's all you will be able to get from the Planet Gemini Store as I have limited copies of the Digipack.

Everyone who's seen the artwork has loved it. It's got a 8 page booklet, lyrics, pictures and the usual crazy ramblings and rantings from me.

The CD includes all of Wicked completely remixed, remashed and remastered. It sounds LIGHT YEARS better than the offering on the webpage.

There are two bonus tracks included "Rise of the RedGod" which can be heard on the Myspace page and "Fal From the Sky" which I have completely remastered and reworked to sound more like the rest of the album.

This is NOT some quick release. In fact it's taken about a year to get all of my shit together to put this out.

The Packages include:
Wicked [Collector's Edition] Digipack

$13.00 USD with shipping included for the continental US
$16.00 USD with shipping included for International orders

Wicked [Collector's Edition] Digipack, Wizards Blood CD
$19.00 USD with shipping included for the continental US
$23.00 USD with shipping included for International orders

Wicked [Collector's Edition] Digipack, SuperGod[t]DevilMan CD
$19.00 USD with shipping included for the continental US
$23.00 USD with shipping included for International orders

Wicked [Collector's Edition] Digipack, SuperGod[t]DevilMan CD, Wizard's Blood CD
$23.00 USD with shipping included for the continental US
$27.00 USD with shipping included for International orders

and as I said there are only 50 that are coming from me. The rest will be up to the label.

I can however tell you this... 50 of these are NOT going to last long!!!

I will be updating the webpage over the next 2 days and the album should be available for purchase on Thursday. But, I will keep you notified via my blogs. Keep checking in.