Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Updates Galore

Hello everyone,

I know it's kind of been a long time since I've given a band status update... but things have kind of been in limbo for a while. My number 1 issue that I've been running into lately is that I've had a little TOO much time on my hands and when you have too much time on your hands you don't make the most of the time being wasted (does that even make sense?...). Anyway... I have come to a few conclusions within the last couple of days and I figured that I would share them with you guys know.

Okay, First of all. I've gotten a couple e-mails inquiring about old material. (How they can get it, is it still in print..etc) First of all let me say that 13 & COF are out of print for good. I have about 10 copies left of both and don't want to part with all of them. I won't be doing reissues of these albums for many reasons. The most of all is that the mastering is horrendus and I do not have the original master recordings anymore (due to a harddrive failure and an idiot (me) who neglected to back them up.

But, upon redesigning the webpage I will be putting up 2 old albums for download. "Cauldron of Fuzz III: Legion" [2004] and "Cauldron of Fuzz II: The Ritual Continues" [2003].

and I guess the biggest news of this update will be that I have decided to release my long delayed album "Wicked" as is. While it's not 100% perfect it is better for me to release it to the public than to let the songs dwell on my harddrive unheard. The version of the album will be the version I sent out to the press a long while back... it really is polished quite well. I fell into a trap of "overpolishing" and I really do feel that I was really holding the album back from it's release. Wicked features 11 tracks all written and recorded in 2006. The tracklisting is....

01. Incantation
02. Grim (My God of Red)
03. Silver Strings
04. Lightmare
05. Minus
06. Moondancer
07. The Beast on Your Back
08. Author of Pain
09. Preachin' to the Choir
10. The Deadly Sleep
11. Eden

This album will be released for FREE on www.planetgemini.net on August 4th, 2008 (a year after it's last announced release date).

Wicked is a very special album to me.. filled with tons of venom and passion.. and my biggest issue with the album was that I felt I could re-create it better under more "sane" circumstances... However, when recorded in a more "sober" state took away from a lot of the power. Hence forth the delays...

What you will hear is not typical "in control" Hellion from Planet Gemini. It really is my decent into madness and depression... and the subsiquent resurrection and power that sometimes vitriol can bring.

I hope you all enjoy the album... while it is not perfect.. upon listening it again this last weekend I've kind of realized that it is perfectly imperfect... and can't really be improved upon without lossing all of that build and aggression.

I always said "Wicked will be ready when it's ready".. and I guess the real fact of the matter was that... "Wicked will be ready when I am ready".. I wasn't ready yet... Now I am.

Thank you all