Friday, May 18, 2007

Information for the DIY'rs

I know there is a large part of my visitors to this webpage that are kind of semi producers yourself. Actually I must say that one of the coolest things about the webpage since posting up the "Wicked" demos is the feedback I've gotten asking how I get certain guitar sounds.

I must admit that my guitar sound is somewhat of an anomaly. I can pretty much get it on any guitar/amp combo I've used. But the drum thing is so trial and error it isn't funny.

For the Wicked setup I'm actually using a method that Vinny Appice recommended to me. (Drums about 5 feet away from a padded wall and very low overhead mics). I've also used some advice from my friend Dale (who is a phenomenal drummer) and dropped my snares very low and loosened my snare head quite a bit. (doesn't sound that great to the naked ear but on tape it cracks very nicely).

But this is all besides the point. I wanted to come on here and pass along a great webpage for all of you do it yourself musicians.

These guys go into very great detail when it comes to mic'ing amps and drums. Using things like compression and how to avoid phase on your mixes. These guys are great and I freakin' wish they were around when I started this project. (The other PG stuff would sound much better).

I've even learned some techniques from this webpage on how to get rid of some unwanted ringing from a drum (I have a 16 inch floor tom and is just deep and rings like a fucker).

So.. check out this page and enjoy the amazing learning tools they provide you with.
Make some music and send me an e-mail with your myspace page or something so I can hear it.
We're all friends here and I just want everyone to be able to do what I do.

Take it easy

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