Monday, July 6, 2009

The Next Gemini Release

The next Planet Gemini release slated for December 2009 release is titled...
"This Could Be the End of Everything"

The album is written and just needs to be polished and fixed up production-wise.
I will probably do a little more work on this album for the rest of July and then stop in August to start working on Cauldron of Fuzz 6.

This Could Be the End of Everything is very heavy, dark. Very much classic Gemini. Probably not as "Heavy" as Wicked was but much more deep I think. Primal is the word I would use to describe the music. Very ritualistic... I mean this is the first new Gemini album in some time (Since 2007 if you can believe that) and I think you will all be satisfied with my choice in direction. Tons of new instrumentation. Lots of percussion... you'll probably be surprised at all of the strange percussive stuff on this album.

I'm really hoping to make this a 2 Gemini year so please bare with me if I seem to be distant... I have a lot of work to do... I am still hard at work on another project that I've been throwing a TON of my time to. I'm very... cautious about the presentation of this project. In my mind it has to be perfect and .. well you saw how that worked out with Wicked. hehe

Luckily for me Cauldron of Fuzz 6 is going to be much more... play, record, mix, release... I think that this is going to be a year where you REALLY notice the differences between Planet Gemini and Cauldron of Fuzz.. From a production standpoint I want COF6 to sound almost like a basement recording. It'll be much more polished than say... some of the old Electric Wizard stuff.. but, think along those lines production-wise.

Musically it's anyone's guess what it's going to sound like. I've got a while to get out some of my creative juices until I start working on it so... It's all fair game.

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Rich said...

Can't wait to hear the new stuff!