Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Music This Month

"See How the Hands Do Murder" will be up in a couple of days. It's not my next album per say but instead its a collection of demos and what-not I've had lying around for the past couple of years.

What's on the release?

Digital Devil

In 2008 I was in talks with Christian Linderson (Lord Chritus of Saint Vitus, Lord Vicar and Terra Firma) about doing a project which I codenamed "Digital Devil" I re-recorded AfterGlow (From COF2) and a Black Sabbath song called "Keep It Warm" from the Born Again album. The project never came to light due to the fact that I just had so many computer problems and lost all of the material I was writing. Chritus and I still talk back and fourth and really I hope it's something that I can get done sometime before we are both in retirement homes. But, until then I am putting these two scratch tracks (with me singing) on this release.

Red Earth

in 2009 I got together with my brother and old bandmate Josh to try recording some songs. I didn't want it to be Planet Gemini and really I wanted to give him a little more free reign to record his material. We probably jammed about 10 times and screwed around a little bit with polish but I really don't see it getting finished as Josh is very much a "free spirit" and is off on sabbatical yet again. We did about 7 songs (4 of which were pretty damn good) the production was all over the place but I managed to salvage a couple of tracks from these sessions. It's the closest I think we'd ever get to coming together and making music again. I love the guy but it really is a chapter in my life that I must put behind me because it's just not worth the head/heartache...


Doing "The Devil's Cauldron" I actually had a whole album I was calling "WarCry" it just didn't flow with what I was looking to release at the time so I figured I would take some demos from those recording sessions and throw it on there.

Vocal Tryout

I did a vocal tryout for a band that was looking for a singer. It just didn't work because I have my own style and vocals and they just didn't like it. I believe the band was called "Wrath of Ragnarok" and they just couldn't find a singer. I hope they found someone because even despite the obvious fake drums and tinny production I think they could do something pretty good if they release a little control and let a singer come in and make their stuff a little more... professional sounding. Songs about Freddy Kruger are not evil nor scary... in fact... songs about Freddy Kruger with bad lyrics just come off young, amateurish and comical. Guitar players.... please... stick to what you do best... guitar.


Who knows what will go on this thing. It's going to be a quick throw together and it is very much in the light of my old "BluePrint" albums. It should be fun for anyone who has been following the band for a while.

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