Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Path of the Wicked [ep] details

Planet Gemini
The Path of the Wicked [ep]

01. Return of the Ritual
02. Can't Escape Your Eyes
03. Here in My Mind
04. Where your Future Lies
05. Hourglass
06. Sidetracked

So here it is.. the tracklisting and coverart for "The Path of the Wicked [ep]". I only have very rough demos of two of these tracks lying around so I'm going to re-record them for the release but all in all I think that it will be a nice little "Thank you" to everyone who has stuck with me through the tough times and even tougher transitions of Planet Gemini being a solo project for a whole year.

I still do not have an "official" release date for this but I would like to have it out one month before the actual retail release of "Wicked" (The full length album that I have been working).

For those unaware let me clarify that "Wicked" and "The Path of the Wicked" are two completely separate albums. Wicked is a full length Planet Gemini release while The Path of the Wicked is almost reminiscent to the "Blueprint" projects we always used to do in the past (However it is much more polished and can basically stand as it's own album).

For those who have followed the band the tracks "Return of the Ritual" and "Can't Escape Your Eyes" were supposed to be part of the Cauldron of Fuzz IV: Oblivion project that got scrapped. They are re-recorded and are sounding very good. "Hourglass", "Where your Future Lies", "Sidetracked" and "Here in my Mind" are all new songs that I wrote for the Wicked release but they just didn't fit.

The album cover (Seen above) is a direct hommage to Trouble's Psalm 9. I've been listening to that album so much lately it's truly been an inspiration.

In other news "The HOLY Project" (which is a side project consisting of me and Oly Olson from Trouble fame) is looking like it is going to get a big injection of metal coming soon. Oly and I are planning on getting together and recording some new tracks. This should be very fun and very interesting. Personally I am thinking about changing the name of "The Holy Project" because I would really like a name that people are going to be able to find on search engines.. and.. well.. something that says "Doom" and "Gloom" a little more than that.

Again thanks so much to everyone.
Wicked is almost 100% complete (finally) and it is by far my best work to date.
and.. everything is just falling into place quite well now.

Stay Heavy and please keep in touch
Till I see you again
H (The Hand of God)

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