Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July Update: Wicked, Path of. Next Projects and More.

Hey everyone,

There have been some slight developments to the "Wicked" release date so I figured I would come on here and give you the full details.

First of all "Wicked's" finalizing is coming along nicely. However, I do feel that finishing up the polish on this album and having it pressed by August 4th might be a bit of a stretch. So I'm going to give myself another month and say "early September" I will however be taking pre-orders for Wicked in August and I will be doing the "signed" copies again for this release (seeing as it went over really well last time). I need to be certain that this album is perfect in every way. To be honest part of me just wants to throw this thing out there for everyone to hear. But, I have to be smart about everything and make sure the album sounds perfect.

Speaking of "Sounding perfect". I was recently listening to "The Path of the Wicked [ep]" that is available for download right here and I must admit I was considering adding a song or two to the release to kind of ... make it more varied. I've kind of always done this. If anyone remembers the Blueprint: DIABOLIC ep that I put out years ago... it also mysteriously had 2 new songs tacked onto it a couple of weeks later. Some people say "It's only an ep.. don't worry about it" but I really do enjoy this release. So much in fact that I'm considering doing a small run pressing of it later on this year. I wouldn't mind another 10 minutes or so put onto the release. A couple more DOOM laden songs to even out the album.. and maybe even another fast number to add some dynamics to the whole thing.

We'll see... as of right now my goal is Wicked. I'll worry about "The Path" at another time.

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