Friday, June 22, 2007

Imperial Media... (Not Band Related) Please read...

Since 2002 I have been close friends with the people that work at Imperial Media Services ( I had some headaches with a company a long time ago when pressing "13" and Imperial Media really bailed me out. I got a call from a friend of mine today who informed me that their building caught fire and they sustained major loss to their corperate headquarters. While they have re-ordered everything and they are in the process of rebuilding their main building they do still have a secondary plant open.

I just want to first of all wish my best to everyone in that company. One thing about that place that I always loved is that while they are pressing these huge runs for major labels and while they are dealing with much much larger companies than mine. Imperial Media always treated Planet Gemini like it was a valued customer. Like a friend really.

When she called me and told me there was a fire I naturally thought they were inoperable and in that scenereo I would have pushed Wicked up until they had the time they needed to press my material. I am loyal to them and will not waiver on that.

Anyway, to make a long story short. I know I have a lot of bands and labels that visit my site and I just want to point you all in the direction of this fantastic company. To all of you who have ordered my CD's you KNOW what quality they produce. One of the compliments that I always got was how professional my CD's looked... and while yes it is my amazing artistic ability (heheh) it is also incredible materials made by incredible people who actually CARE about my product.

Whether I've pressed 100,500,1,000 or 10,000 these people have done their best to make sure it is treated like a number 1 priority.

If you have a project that you'd like pressed (even in short run) give them a call.
800.736.8273 and talk with their customer service staff. You'd not only be helping out my friends... but you'd be doing your band/project a favor in aquiring such high quality services.

I would like to take a personal note and wish the best to everyone at Imperial Media Services . To THANK them for working with me over the years (and for the many, many years to come) and most importantly a hope for a quick recovery so they can be more successful than ever.


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Unknown said...

Thank you SO much for the love!!!

Were gonna be even bigger and better and will continue to service our client's with dignity, great service and quality product!

Planet Gemini is the best!

Cindy Alfonso
Sales Executive
Imperial Media Services