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My Thoughts on the Sopranos Finale
By: H

Those close to me know what a huge fan of the show "The Sopranos" I have been for years. I mean if you walk into my studio (DoomRoom) you are going to see a huge poster of Tony Soprano right next to the drumkit. Make no mistake about it I am a "Die hard" fan of the show and the series and while I kind of had an idea of where some of the storyline plots were going. I must admit that Mr. David Chase shocked me one last time with that ending.

What ending? Oh come on. You've had to have turned on a radio or tv in the last 3 days and heard someone bitching about it right? I've heard everything from "David Chase just pissed on all of his fans" to "David Chase stuck to his guns and is a genius. Well while I honestly will say that David Chase shocked me with the ending I will say this. David Chase has always marched to the beat of his own drummer and for that I applaud the man for the ending he left us with.

Did I like it? At first I kind of chuckled at it. It was clever enough to enrage people. My girl was looking at the screen and saying "what the fuck?!" and I almost expected the screen to come back on showing a dead Soprano being worked on my the E.M.Ts but it didn't. The show ended it's "Journey" with the message of "Don't Stop Believing" and for me that was fine.

I pretty much immediately subscribed to the theory that David Chase killed the audience. The Sopranos lived on but we as viewers couldn't see it because we were dead. I watched the ending 4 times and the full episode 3. If the show would have ended with the screen on Meadow (which is what I thought I initially saw) I believe that would have signified the death of Tony. I mean look at the show history. When Tony went into a coma or had a dream we were right along for the ride. So if Tony would theoretically get "whacked" and "never saw it coming" why should we? The fact of the matter is that I do not think that Tony got whacked. I think that Tony went on being a selfish prick. Along with his selfish son and selfish wife. Why was Meadow late? I feel it was because she was the only one in the family who is really going to make something of herself.

So that leaves me with the question; Do I think the show ended well? I think that the show ended exactly the way David Chase wanted it to and he was the main storyteller. His "Lynch-like" ending was controversial but it also insured that the Sopranos will be talked about for a long long time. Did I like it??? The more I watched the ending the more I enjoyed the brilliance of the episode. The more I thought about the finale the more I got out of it. To those complaining about the show I offer you this piece of advice. "You only get as much as you put into something" if you just wanted the hand holding ending this wasn't it. But, you have to admire what Chase did. Other directors/writers are praising Chase up and down for this ballsy ending. The viewers (that expected a bloodbath) were let down but... is there anyway to please everyone in life? No, there is no middle ground. Please yourself and hope that everyone following along for the ride respects your choices. If you try to please too many people you'll be bastardizing your ideas.

With that being said was a sad moment. Watching my favorite show of all time go away. I will miss the Sopranos. More than any other show I've watched.

I guess there is always Dexter (Showtime) which is a fantastic series.
Thanks to David Chase and crew for an amazing show!

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