Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Press Release: The Path of the Wicked [ep] Available for Download

The underground traditional doom metal band called Planet Gemini has been making music for 10 years and now In anticipation of the bands “Wicked” release on August 4th 2007. Planet Gemini has released a 28 minute [ep] for the visitors of the webpage to download for free. “The Path of the Wicked” artwork can be seen here and the album can be downloaded in either “mp3” or “wma lossless” format at this location.

This is the first “official” Planet Gemini release since the bands 2005 album “Wizard’s Blood”. Which was heralded by critics as an “instant classic”.

Planet Gemini will be taking pre-orders for “Wicked” next month. Which should include their normal “T-shirt+CD” package deal.

visit for the latest news of the band
You can also hear Planet Gemini’s music on their myspace page

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