Saturday, June 16, 2007

Path of Thoughts....

One thing that I'm really loving about the ep is the fact that most people seem to like different tracks on the album. Everyone loves "Take Me Home" (that I've talked to) and who wouldn't? I mean it's the quentisential album opener. It's heavy, it's fast.. it's aggressive. It's just a great song.

Conspiracy seems to be the sweeper hit from the album as everyone who has e-mailed me has said that was their favorite "new" track from the album.

Funny story about that song. I actually mic'd the drums the same way John Bonham did on the track "When the Levee breaks". I actually stole a lot of mic'ing technique from the great John Bonham (as their drum recording methods are quite well documented). Now keep in mind. I am no John Bonham on drums (Though I do feel my drumming has gotten much better... but that's what lots of practice will do for you).

I've seen the comment "Planet Gemini is a better one piece than a two piece" in places and I really think I agree with that. Before it was always me telling Josh what to play, what notes worked or didn't. Josh had some awesome moments don't get me wrong and I really do still think very highly of the guy... and inversly I wouldn't trade the 9+ years that we made music together for anything because... he was my best friend. But... I think that with Planet Gemini just being me you get my full vision. No intermediaries.. nothing.. Just me..

for my "first" release I think "The Path of the Wicked" came out very well and it feels really great to listen to now. Now, with that being said it's on to the main stage. WICKED!

I can tell you this. Wicked is amazing. It's so twisted and evil.. The track "Grim (My God of Red)" is probably the best song I've ever laid down. My major issue is that the track "Demonic Wall" which I wrote back in November (or so)... sounds very similar to Grim.. and Grim is much much better... So I'll be axe'ng Demonic Wall for now.

I would also like to comment on someone who said "He's taming down on his vocals finally!"... I assure you that it was done unconsciously. If there is a song that sounds better with a bit of a scream in it. I will use it. I know that some people dislike the screaming vocals.. But... I do feel that there is a place for them in the PG songs. I equate it to Deep Purple or Judas Priest... it's really what makes me stand out from other bands. So don't be pissy if you hear some screaming return very soon.

"Never Satisfied" (the judas priest cover) on the Path... I've actually gotten a few people saying that it doesn't fit as well as the other songs on the EP. Listening to it with that point of view I can see where you are coming from. The drums are not being played as hard or as well.. it definitely leaves it with a "less aggressive" feel than some of the other tracks. With that being said... I don't think the drums are bad... and.. the song was done RIGHT when Josh left the band. The lyrics "Where do we go from here, there must be something near, change in you.. change in me.. forever. Places change, faces change, life is so very strange... " I don't know.. this song was very emotional for me. So it went on the ep. I hope you all understand my position. Planet Gemini has always been about emotions. My passion for music.. and in this case.. I not only lost my bandmate of 10 years but I lost someone who I considered a brother of about 13 years. So... this song said everything I wanted to say.. and it basically said everything I felt at the moment. So please listen to it with that in mind and I think you'll find that the song is done fairly well and at the end of this CD I think it works perfectly.

That is all for now... If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them to and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for checking out my music and supporting the band

PS: a HUGE thanks to those spamming message boards for me. I'm going to make some "Planet Gemini" banners this well you guys can put up on places... again... words can't express how awesome you guys are...

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