Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fallen Angel (Demo) Lyrics & Download Link

Well, since originally posting the demo of "The Fallen Angel" I've gotten quite a few e-mails and request.
The first request I've gotten was to post the lyrics because no one has a clue about what I'm saying. The other was a direct link to the song so they can download it and put it on their MP3 player or whathaveyou…

So… ask and you shall receive.

Above is the link where the song can be downloaded… (keep in mind it is a very rough demo if you are hearing it for the first time).

and here are the lyrics… short and sweet.

The Fallen Angel
The Devil rides by moonlight
Forging what would be his throne
His legion sits behind him
and yet he feels alone

The angel rides in starlight
and whispers on the wind
his chanting so hypnotic
as he slips beneath your skin

Now no one rides the starlight
Cause you can never run when death calls
and they say that the devil, he spies on the angel that falls
The angel that falls.

Thanks to everyone who has written me to give me some feedback on the track.
It's quite… popular to people who have heard it.
Hope you all enjoy

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