Friday, August 28, 2009

Planet Gemini Update (More Bad News)

Hello everyone, It seems that everytime I write one of these updates it's to report something bad. Seriously, it's not my intention. In fact I have some really great news that I'm probably going to announce within a week or two that I'm sure a lot of you are going to be quite happy about. But, onto the bad news at hand.

My studio machine fell victim to a virus that was unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced before. This virus took hold of my computer and flashed my Bios so my PC essentially thought that it was the wrong make for the motherboards bios. The result? My computer no longer could find or identify hard drives and it would freeze up on the "Verifying DMI Pool Status" screen. It was something I've never seen before (and btw… I am A+ Certified through Microsoft and have been working on computers for a long long time. The only real solution I saw to the problem was to try to re-flash the bios and set the computer back to it's original settings. Unfortunatley that requires me to remove jumpers and do a ton of jumping through hoops and… well if any of you have ever tried to get information from PC manufacturers like that.. you know it's a hassle that I just don't want to deal with.

So I've ordered a new computer.. it is a HP system that it pretty much top of the line in terms of speed and power. So that means once I clean out all of the crap that is installed in the machine when I get it the thing should last me quite a long time.

So H (you ask) why are you telling us all this? Well, because I am going to be incapacitated for the next couple of weeks in my studio and after losing a ton of my work (from a tragic External HDD crash) I'm just feeling quite beaten down by technology at the moment. I have three projects I'm currently working on and none of which are even close to be started. So what does the future hold for Cauldron of Fuzz VI? Is it the COF that just ISN'T supposed to be released??? I hope not.. I'm going to try my damndest to release a COF this year even if it means that I have to do another EP like release.

My next album? Was well on schedule to be released in December of 2009 but now, I'm sorry to say I'm not 100% sure if it's going to make it. I have so much re-recording to do and I basically lost the last YEAR of work when that USB harddrive died.

I'm going to go now and throw my old computer out the window of a moving vehicle and prepare myself for the new machine and all of the JOYS I will have getting that thing up and ready to go.

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Rich said...

That sucks bigtime H. I'd recommend Carbonite in the future.