Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cauldron of Fuzz: SiX to be released tonight 8pmEST

So for anyone paying attention to the myspace page will know. There WILL in fact be a Cauldron of Fuzz album out tonight. I will consist of 7 songs.. and run about 40 minutes (give or take).

It will be available on the webpage tonight FREE of charge. In mp3 and uncompressed WAV format. Be aware that this is album that I basically wrote/recorded/mixed and mastered in about 4 days time. This mix is NOT going to be perfect at all. But COF is a Halloween tradition to some of my listeners and I got a lot of e-mails from people saying how dissapointed they were last year... so... COFSiX... TONIGHT...

*Technical Issues*
Please keep in mind that COF has been known to crash my webpage due to large amounts of traffic. If you should log on at 8PM and the site is slow or down.. give it about 10 minutes and try refreshing your browser. Halloween and the day after are usually the highest traffic days for

hope you all enjoy!

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