Saturday, March 17, 2007

New songs.... Some Wallpaper... and.. stuff...

New Material is up on my Myspace page now!

I have posted two new songs up on the Planet Gemini Myspace page this week.
One is the opening track for the album called "Incantation" a friend of mine told me that it almost had a Black Sabbath meets The Beatles vibe to it. Which I thought was kind of neat. I really enjoy exploring new sounds and you'll probably notice that this is rather "solo" heavy compared to my old material.

The second song is "Silver Strings" which is a more uptempo track for the album. The vocals are way too loud and the guitar is way too low (in my opinion) but the track is there and you'll get an idea of what I'm going for.

Label Me Please

There has been a little bit of a debate inside my head to decide if I should find a label to release Wicked with or not. My problem is that I am a very creative person and I really don't want someone telling me what/how to write or what/how to present my music to someone. I have friends that are on labels and they tend to get excited about being signed at first and then once the honeymoon is over (so to speak) They find their creativity being stiffled by a label that wants them to re-create their last album.

I fear this.. However.. I look at the positives about having a label.. (I'm sure I would get a lot more coverage from magazines and whatnot) and that would result in more people enjoying my music (which is the goal in the first place).

I'm going to shop it around and see if there are any "decent" offers... if there are not I will just continue pressing things myself under the WoeconstrictoR name.

This is album is sounding fantastic.
Thanks to everyone for the kind e-mails and awesome support
Stay REAL!

Here is a new wallpaper I made I figured that I would share it with you all
You should be able to set this as your desktop wallpaper by
Right Clicking and choosing "Set as Background"

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