Friday, March 23, 2007

A release date????

Good golly gee jiminy christmas!!!

After a whole year of when the original Wicked was supposed to be released. Finally I feel that the album is ready to be polished and mastered and filled out to completion. I will be sending out press packs to those in the media who would like to get a review up of an early unmixed demo. It is very raw still but I think you will all get the idea. Get in touch with me via E-Mail to send you a demo copy of the album.

Okay now onto the release date...
*drumroll please*

The release date for Wicked... will be...
August 4th 2007
My birthday... How fitting.

I am listening to the RC1 [Release Candidate 1] CD now and I have to say it's flowing nicely. My only gripes... it's only 58 minutes. You know that one or two tracks will be thrown on at the 11th hour (I always do that).

Here is all the techincal jergin
Wicked Discography Page

Very happy at the moment. (As UNDoom as that sounds).
This was a huge accomplishment for me and... well.. the next CD won't be a year away. That's for certain.

Thanks so much to everyone who believed in me.
I must say that everytime I thought about quitting (and it was there sometimes)
I would get an e-mail from one of you guys saying how much Planet Gemini meant to you or even just saying that you admired my work ethic. To me.. that meant everything.

Thanks again
I hope you'll all enjoy this as much as I do

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