Saturday, March 10, 2007

Welcome to the new webpage design

I know it's been a while since I've updated the webpage. To be honest I grew very complacent with the webpage and started updating the blog on Myspace. It was just much easier. So.... a simple solution... I got a blog for I want to make sure you all have the up to date news on my next release "Wicked".

As of right now everything is going fantastic with the album. I already have more than enough track and I keep writing and writing. If I have enough don't be too surprised to see me throw out a 2nd album (download only) very soon after Wicked's release.

Didn't do much studio work last week (due to car troubles) but I'll be back in full force next week and ready to get things moving on polishing up Wicked. One thing I will say (on a more personal note) I am playing guitar and drums 10x's better than I ever have. My practicing has been almost insane but it's paying off like crazy in the techniques that I've adopted.

I've also been taking Bass Guitar incredibally serious. To a point where it has become an instrument that I really want to focus on. One thing I never knew about Bass is that there is a certain tuning between the bass guitar and the bass drum (drumset) that really makes the bass punch out more. I've been playing a lot of Geddy Lee stuff (Rush) as I feel he is a bass player that really works with his drummer well. I don't play with a pick.... for many reasons really but for me I just am finding that the texture of sound with your fingers is much more dynamic and I'm really about having depth to my style. Pick playing is very lifeless and too attacky. Too much string flopping and really not enough control. So as far as Bass goes I really feel this is going to be the most "Defined" bass album Planet Gemini's ever released. Josh had a very good ear for music but I think that even he would admit that he lacked discipline to actually learn technique. (I hope no one takes that as a slight against Josh because he really was phenomenal and a very good friend).

One thing I will say about moving forward with the band on my own. It's kind of liberating to have the freedom of creating everything from the ground up. I really must admit that I missed (and still do miss) Josh's presence, his encouragement and most importantly his friendship.. however.. I think that Josh leaving the band will result in the best Planet Gemini album to date. I did a song called "Soul Assassin" in the studio and it literally took me 1 hour to finish the whole track. No waiting around for bass to get finished or having to convey my ideas to someone else. It went from concept to demo to finale in 1 hours time... and that's something that was rarely done before.

I have gotten a couple of e-mails from people asking if the new material is going to be different than the old stuff because I am doing it alone. The answer to that question is.. YES... and no.. hehe Songs like "Grim (My God of Red)" and "Moondancer" are definitely more "Me"... however.. Songs like Minus and Author of Pain bring it right back to Planet Gemini level. Crushing, heavy.. noisy.. just.. DOOM..

I want to thank everyone who has continued to check the webpage and I promise I'm going to update the blog more often now.
Thanks so much for all of the support and kind words.
You are all amazing
H (God of Red)

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