Saturday, May 12, 2007

Questions answered...

Hello everyone,

It's been a little bit since I have had the time to post anything on here so I figured I would get to some questions that people have sent me in the last couple of months. (BTW if you've sent me an e-mail in the last 3 weeks and I haven't answered it chances are my server dumped the e-mail... so please try resending. I had a little trouble with my e-mail account recently).

Okay Q&A time

Q: Will you be re-releasing the out of print material from Planet Gemini?
A: No, even though I wrote most of the material I wouldn't want to release anything with Josh on it again. It's nothing against the guy but I just need to look forward in my life and can't make that step backwards. Wizards Blood and SuperGod are still very much in print... and to be honest I would really suggest picking up these albums if you are looking to collect something because once they are out of print they are done. They won't be released again (unless for some reason I decide to re-record the album... but I can't see that happening).

Q: Please give me a list of the equipment that you use for Planet Gemini.
A: Okay this is kind of a long answer so let me start at the top.

I have about 4 guitars that have gotten lots of use.
I use an Ibanez Universe more than anything else. I also use the Ibanez Jem (Steve Vai model) for solos. I use a B.C. Rich Beast for more of the Wah Wah stuff and I've been playing around with an old Les Paul I found used for a very low price.

I use Marshal Amps (JCM800) but for the last 2 albums I've bypassed the head and used a tube poweramp. From there I use a Digitech effects unit running a Wah pedal through the unit (because the stock pedal isn't that good).

I record the guitars digitally and through micing the cabs but I tend to use more of the "digital" sound for the high end and the "mic'd" sound for the ambient noises.. (feedback and whatnot).

I do use a 7 string guitar most of the time (the Universe) because even when I use thick strings my 6 stringed guitars just get too loose and flappy (technical term) for me.

I tune in standard E,A,D,G,B,A and B,E,A,D,G,B,A (7 string). I do NOT use any drop tuning currently and I only have for maybe 2 or 3 songs in Planet Gemini's history. (Karate Fighter on COF1 and Empire on COFIV... and maybe Hand of God not sure) I'm not a fan of the drop tuning because I actually play scales and it fucks up my runs quite badly. I suppose if I took the time I could adapt but... I'm not really interested in that at the moment (maybe another time).

As for Bass guitars I use a Ibanez Prestige which is a 5 string bass. It is quite beautiful and was actually left to me by Josh to finish up the Planet Gemini project (which was an amazing gesture on his part). I love the 5 string I've been recording a lot of other bands lately and when I see them struggle with the loose strings tuning down to a C it just boggles my mind why someone wouldn't just make the plunge to a 5 or 6.

Drums I explain on the "Wicked" write up (in the discography page)
and as far as my recording methods they are pretty much 90% analog now. (with the exception of the digital channel for the guitar to add the high end).

I hope that all helps.

Q: Who are your favorite bands?
A: I listen to lots of music to be honest. You'd actually be very surprised if I told you that I really try hard not to listen to other Doom Metal bands. I find that it infects my songwriting to listen to similar artists. It's kind of a sacrifice I have to make. My favorite bands include Black Sabbath (of course), Deep Purple, Dio, Rainbow, Halford, Iron Savior, Helloween..etc. I like to listen to Power Metal (because I dont' play it so it makes things kind of easy for me not to steal it). I'm also a big fan of jazz music. Old Buddy Rich Band music. I love some "swing" in my music. I love the blues. I love pretty much anything that is played with heart and soul. I must admit I'm kind of a music Nazi. I can't deal with people who listen to "Pop" music or "Rap" music. I can't stand people who think "Mainstream" garbage they play on the radio is "good music". I try to be as cool to everyone as possible but when you come to me saying "insert cookie cutter nu-metal/hardcore/pantera ripoff band here" is great. I'll basically go on a 12 hour rant about how the music industry demolishes everything pure in music. (that's not that much of an exaggeration. hehe

Well that's it for today. I hope that I answered most of your questions as well as possible. I've got a couple more to answer. So I'll be doing another blog soon to finish them up. I just wanted to make sure to say "hi" to everyone and let everyone know that I am still at work on the album and I am still producing like a mutha..

Hope you are all well


Temuri said...

Not really related to this particular blogpost.

I just felt I HAVE TO SAY THIS..

Your SuperGod track simply rulez my world.

That's it.

H said...

Thanks a lot. There is a HUGE place in my heart for the whole SuperGod[t]DevilMan album. It was a very emotional album for me to write and to be honest it was a huge step in Planet Gemini finding the sound that I still use to this day.

"So please place your faith in me.. and understand you can't pay to be free."

When I first was finished writing the song I actually called Josh at work and was like "Dude I just wrote a song so good that it's going to change the way the rest of this album is written". Josh came over almost immediately after work and listened to it and he said that that song was just "special"... and it was... and always will be.

Thanks for appreciating such a proud moment in my life.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the new tracks on the myspace page. I can't wait for this album to get released! Any news on the presales yet and are you going to do it like Wizards Blood with the t-shirt?

Temuri said...

Hi H,

Is there a chance you publish SuperGod's lyrics?


H said...
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H said...

The lyrics link is now on the main page (at the bottom links)
I honestly forgot it in the damn webdesign.. hehe

it's alright they'll be a new design in a couple of weeks. Enjoy.